Red-wattled Lapwing (Vanellus indicus)

Interesting :

Has a concise body shape, long legs, and long toes which have the skin stick together the same as that of the duck. Both the male and the female have the same body shape. The male has the size a little larger than the female. The head, neck and the chest are black, the mouth is quite long, and the ear and the wattle are red.

Habitat :

Can be found in every region of Thailand except in the Northeast.

Food :

The Red-wattled Lapwing eats small shrimp, small fish including earthworm, red worm, and some kind of insect which lives on the marsh, and swamp.

Behavior :

Likes to seek for the food with other kind of water bird in a troop. It is very good at swimming and swims very fast but rarely swimming. It runs very fast only in the wet area and has the water. It can fly very high but not flying in the far distance. While flying, it makes the noise “Tae Tae Wat” and normally makes the noise at night when it is the full moon and the early morning.This kind of bird builds the nest on the molehill lying with the small amount of grass or nothing. It lays eggs around the beginning of the winter. It incubates eggs approximately 24 to 28 days. The chick that hatches out has the hair and can run. The chick has the same color as the soil or the color of the area around its nest. The eggs which have 3 to 4 eggs will have the same color and mark as the soil. It can hardly be seen.

Current Status :

Leaet Concern

Point of view :

Update : 06 April 2017