Demoiselle Crane (Anthropoides virgo)

Interesting :

The shape of the male and female and is alike. Most of its feathers color is grey. The head is black. The eyes tip has the different characteristic from other bird which has long and delicate villous hair like the passing along the neck as the fine stripes to the occiput. The front neck is black. There is the long sharp and fine hair like the black rice leaf hanging on the chest. The wing tip is Grayish black. The eyes are orange. The mouth edge has the honey color, the mouth edge is orange, and the leg and the leg and the feet are grayish black.

Habitat :

Is the animal that has a hometown in the south and east of Europe. In Asia, it can be found in the East and the West. In Africs, it can be found in the North.

Food :

The Dimoiselle crane can eat several of food, both plant and animals, fruit, insect, worm, snail, frog, small reptiles, and sallbird,but eat less fish.

Behavior :

This bird lives in the vast field or the plain. It is the bird which never clings on the branch and will only stand on the ground. It builds the nest and lays the eggs on the dry ground. In the dry season, it will often drink water in the water source. It is one of the beautiful cranes. Is can be well fed in cage or the crib better than other crane. It is a docile cird and can stay with other bird. It is the crane that grass field less than other laeger crane. In the breeding season, both will dance beautifully. The Dimoiselle Crane the nest for laving the eggs form the water plant which geows nearby; for example, papyrus, bent, grass. The nest for laying the eggs is quite large. It lays 1 to 3 eggs and lays eggs one and another 2 days. the incubation period is 30 days. Both male and female wull help each building the nest, hatching the eggs, and feeding the newborn. The newborn chick is very strong. it can immediately run escaping from the danger, the and grow up very fast. It can fly when it has the age of 10 weeks.

Current Status :

Leaet Concern

Point of view :

Update : 06 April 2017